Style on Film: A bout de souffle

It’s 50 years since A bout de souffle (AKA Breathless), one of the New Wave’s most stylish films, was first seen in British cinemas, and to mark the occasion a special edition DVD has just come out on the Optimum label. Playing Patricia, a naive American girl living in Paris, actress Jean Seberg (above, chic in capri pants, with Jean-Paul Belmondo) set a trend with her gorgeous, elfin hair-do and laidback look.  And her habit of lolling around in a man’s shirt…

She’s also seen in some pretty, feminine outfits – notably this demure stripy dress.

But the key to Seberg’s gamine look is the boyish haircut – balanced out by a slick of eyeliner.

And here it is in action … watch and learn!

* A bout de souffle (Optimum Home Entertainment) is out now.


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2 responses to “Style on Film: A bout de souffle

  1. I saw this film for the first time last summer, and I thought Jean Seberg was one of the most beautiful women ever captured on film

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