My Week in Beauty

MONDAY Having had my hair cut and coloured at the start of the weekend, I became aware of the fact that the ends were completely dried out – despite having had no bleach and only minimal highlights put in. Luckily, I had been sent a tube of one of the new Ojon Restorative Leave-in Treatments (£29.50; 0870 034 2454) – the one for blondes. Rich in amino and essential fatty acids that penetrate the hair shaft to improve the condition of the hair, the Leave-in Treatments are also packed with naturally-derived oils and butters that add luminous shine and hydration. It’s pricey stuff but you only need a tiny, pea-sized, amount – and it really does make a difference. And, unlike other leave-in conditioners that I’ve tried, it didn’t weigh my fine hair down or make the non-dry parts look greasy.

TUESDAY A night at the theatre with my mother got off to a rocky start, beauty-wise, when she asked what I’d done to my eyebrows … I’d just started using the new Jane Iredale Bitty Brow Kit (£22; 020 8450 7111) and perhaps had been a little heavy-handed – or maybe she just wasn’t used to seeing my light, blonde (overplucked) brows so beautifully defined.. I’ve now mastered the art of using this kit. You simply brush on the wax which provides a base for the blonde or brunette-coloured powder and then gently brush on the powder to fill in gaps in the brow or to shape them. Just don’t go in too heavy-handed or you’ll end up – as I did – looking a bit Joan Crawford- scary. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is so not an inspirational movie, style-wise ..

WEDNESDAY I don’t do showers (before you think “smelly cow” – I prefer baths) and have a personal preference for not smelling like fruit …  So I was quite happy to pass the new Radox Shower Smoothies (£2.49 each) on to some fruitier-minded chums. Shiv, who admits to being “a shower gel snob”, was so smitten with the two that she bagged that she has declared that she might buy them instead of her usual £7 gel from Korres.

THURSDAY Another hot day and, with an evening at the Glasgow Jazz Festival ahead of me – and the prospect of being too warm in jeans – I decided to give a new tinted body lotion I’d been sent a whirl, so I could bare my legs in a cool, knee-length, linen dress. What a disaster. I used the lotion in the morning and was very impressed with how easy it seemed to be to use, and how moisturising it felt. However, when the colour began to show through late in the afternoon, I was horrified to look down and see streaks of deep tan (not the “sun-kissed”, natural, shade promised on the tube) scattered here and there on my otherwise still pale legs. My feet looked grubby. Even a good scrub in the bath didn’t make any impression on the colour. So I went out in jeans and a jacket – and melted in the heat. I’m not naming this new product until I’ve tested it again – or persuaded someone else to! – because it was just so disappointing. In any case, I’ll need to wait until it’s completely vanished before I can start all over again.

FRIDAY Another day, another future must-have nail polish turns up. On Friday, it was a selection from the Dior autumn 2010 collection of cosmetics that made my day – particularly this new coppery-bronze shade of Dior Nail Lacquer – Bronze Libertine (available September). Already hailed as le “it” vernis by French beauty bloggers, it looks set to have stiff competition for the title this autumn as Chanel is undoubtedly on to another winner with its Paradoxal shade.

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