My Recent Weeks in Beauty

Well, I’ve had a mad few weeks – very exciting, very full-on, and now turning into a bit of a blur. I’ve been working for the Glasgow Jazz Festival for the first time – working for them, rather than reviewing them – and it was just one of a series of firsts. Operating as a freelance journalist has become ten times more challenging in the last year – thanks to all the cut-backs in the newspaper business – and I’ve been looking for other outlets for my interests of style, jazz and film. In the Glasgow Jazz Festival, I found a home for my love of jazz and film – and, after months of preparation, it came to fruition the week before last.

Over the course of six days, I introduced four films (never having addressed an audience before), conducted one public interview (ditto) and gave a 90-minute talk (ditto ditto). And I realised one thing as I did them: if I felt I looked my best, I was able to do my best. This meant assembling a crack team of reliable beauty products to see me through a hectic but very exciting week during which I slept at most four hours each night, barely had time to wash and dry my hair, and became more adept than ever at the art of applying nail varnish (base coat’n’ all) in the time between phoning the taxi and the cab actually turning up.

So, to my crack team of products.  Well, all the old reliable favourites, really: Chanel Hydramax + serum and moisturiser used in conjunction with a number of different primers. I have to confess that I was let-down on the primer front and did look shinier than I’d have liked by the end of each night! Clinique’s Perfectly Real Make-up foundation did a great job for the first part of most evenings, though (the stressful parts!) and I knew that my mascara, Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells, would do its job without my having to fret about panda eyes.

Over the course of the week, I played it pretty safe in terms of colour – I stuck to palettes I’d used before: the current Clarins Neo Pastels (the beautiful, shimmering shell shade is almost finished)   and the Dior 5 Golds from winter 2010, combined with the most recently reviewed lipsticks from Lancome, Lauder and Chanel.

It was only when it came to nails that I chopped and changed a bit (hence my nails getting a break now, for good behaviour). I veered between Dior’s Ivory shade (chic and easy to use in a rush), the forthcoming Rose Cache from Chanel and old reliable, Chanel’s Inattendu. For the toes, only Revlon’s One True Coral would do.

But it was my perfume which drew the most comments – I have been having a dalliance with the new one from Chanel, No.19 Poudre (more on which anon), and rather neglected my usual 31 rue Cambon.  It made me feel a million dollars – and its effects are ongoing. Which isn’t bad, after the exhausting time I’ve had!

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