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Benefit Glamorous Neutrals - closededited
I may wear a great deal of black but I do like a bit of colour in my make-up. Which is why it’s come as a bit of a surprise to me that I’ve been converted to the current trend for “nudes”. Nude make-up, for the uninitiated out there (or any men who have stumbled across this blog having searched for something entirely make-up – and clothes – free) is not “no make-up”; it’s make-up in flesh tones, the most subtle of enhancements to the old maquillage.

So what’s tempted me over to the nude side? Well, first and foremost it’s the new trio of eye make-up kits from Benefit – Benefit World Famous Neutrals (£23.50 each,, from March). To be honest, I am not a big fan of the Benefit’s gimmicky packaging or the smart-ass names with which it christens its products, but if you’re in the market for a foolproof eye shadow set which offers a myriad of make-up possibilities, which provides lasting colour, and Benefit Glamorous Neutrals - box openwhich will prompt compliments from your female friends then invest in one of these magic boxes – Most Glamorous Nudes, Easiest Nudes or Sexiest Nudes.

My favourite is the Most Glamorous Nudes box,  which – as they all do – comes with a little booklet of “Tips and Tricks” illustrating how to create an easy daytime look and an easy “playtime” look using the two creaseless cream shadows and four longwear powder shadows contained therein.

The other big nude news is in the nails department. The new Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer French Nudes Collection (£14.50 each; is a range of five nail varnishes in shades designed to complement the wearer’s skin tone. The idea is that keeping nail varnish close to the colour of the skin makes the fingers look elongated and elegant – just as nude coloured shoes tend to make legs look longer.

Tom Pecheux, Lauder’s creative director, explains: “The collection is like foundation for nails. It’s all about enhancing nails, rather than making a big statement with colour.” And, you know what, it works! I’ve found the Nudite shade (second from the left in the photo below), a milky beige that’s a perfect match for my fair skin (and my foundation for that matter), looks tres chic for day and night. And if I fancy something similar but with a very subtle sparkle, No7  Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Tip Toes (£5.50;, a limited edition shade from No7’s new Ballerina Beauty spring collection, is pretty perfect too.Estee Lauder French Nudes


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5 responses to “The Beauty Nudes Today

  1. Must Have Boxes

    I like the packaging for the benefit eyeshadow set. Super cute!

    – KW

  2. I love these Estee Lauder colours. So pretty.

  3. GiRRL_Earth

    I tried a Bobbi Brown Nude Eyeshadow quad once and I felt it made me look too washed out. Do you feel nudes work better on fair skinned blondes? Perhaps I chose the wrong shade of nudes. :-/

  4. alisonkerr

    I’d have thought there was a nude eyeshadow palette for everyone, though for us blondes, we probably need to make sure we have colour on our cheeks and lips so we don’t look washed out. I wouldn’t dream of using nude shades without black eyeliner and lashings of mascara, though!

  5. I love make-up but never use estrident colours, because they don’t fit me at all and look too artificial (maybe they work for other women, but anyway I see them ‘too risky’). I think it’s better to choose neutral colours (browns and greys, basically) and reduce or increase the intensity as much as I like. For example, I’m an absolute fan of brown smokey eyes, and they combine with almost any outfit or hairstyle. MAC eyeshadows are expensive, but they’re perfect if you’re looking for a great variety of neutral high-pigmented colours.

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