Style-o-Meter: August 7


GOING FOR THE CROPJean Seberg - Bonjour Tristesse

So, Beyonce is the latest celebrity to embrace cropped hair – following in the recent footsteps of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Jessie J. By coincidence, the poster girl for the pixie crop is making a comeback on the big screen this month: Jean Seberg, the beautiful gamine whose best-remembered film, A Bout de Souffle (Breathless), made her a style icon, will be back in cinemas in her 1958 colour movie Bonjour Tristesse. A coming of age story based on Francoise Sagan’s classic novel, it’s mostly of interest for the splendour of the Seberg coiffeur.


This is proving to be a vintage year for hot mascaras: first from Dior, then Chanel and now the latest from Clarins – a replacement for Wonder Lashes. Clarins Be Long Mascara (£21; really is more wonderful than its predecessor: with one swipe across the lashes, it transforms them dramatically, making them longer, thicker, well separated and with a curl. There are two shades, Intense Black (which is seriously intense) and limited edition Intense Brown.


Lauder metallicsAh, August – often the summeriest month but the one in which followers of fashion begin to look forward to all things autumnal. The big beauty companies traditionally begin selling their autumn/winter colours in August and one trend that’s been around for a while is taking off in a big way this fall: metallic nails. Chanel launches a lovely metallic pink rose nail varnish in September (its autumn make-up belongs more to the camouflage/sludgy colours movement); it’s Estee Lauder which has this trend nailed, er so to speak, with Estee Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Nail Lacquers (£14.50; – eight new limited edition shades offering deep and pearlised  colour. Faves so far are Midnight Metal and Rose Gold… 



Now that the heatwave is ebbing away, it’s time for the depressing task of auditing the sun cream stains on favourite sun wear – if anyone knows how to remove these marks permanently, please share your secrets!Pebbles Flintstone


Can we please call time on these ridiculous wannabe buns that you  can see on girls’ heads the length and breadth of the country? It’s one thing sporting a magnificent, 1960s-style, bun on the top of one’s bonce – indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised if a large bun helped with posture much in the way that balancing books on the head was a favourite trick used in deportment lessons – but it’s another wearing a daft wee top knot/folded back ponytail that would looks like something from the Pebbles Flintstone hair repertoire.


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  1. I love Jean Seaberg. I fashioned my first pixie after her — if only I had her face though…

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