Style-o-Meter: August 21



Loren eyes

This season there is no excuse for not being able to master the art of the flicked eye line – whether you want a heavy, sixties cat’s eye a la Loren (Sophia, pictured right) or a fine 1950s or 1940s style tapered flick. Lovers of liquid liner – experienced or not – will get a kick out of the new Tom Ford Beauty Eye Defining Pen (£42; available from September 2) which has a thick brush at one end and a slender pen at the other, thus offering a myriad of liner possibilities. And if kohl’s more your thing, check out the wonderful new Guerlain The Eye Pencil (£18) in Black Jack which has a kohl effect but is soft and creamy and waterproof – ideal if you’re prone to tears ..


Chanel SuperstitionThe stand-out item in Chanel’s new Superstition make-up collection for autumn 2013 is the limited edition Le Volume de Chanel mascara in Khaki-Bronze (£24). This may not sound like the most appealing of mascara shades but it is actually rather beautiful and works wonders with all eye colours, especially if teamed with the Les 4 Ombres palette (£38) in Mystere, though the impact dwindles as the eyeshadow colours don’t have the staying power of the mascara.

Cinderela B long necklace

Not only have Dower & Hall broadened out their fabulous “Feather” collection for this autumn /winter but there’s also a very readily affordable new jewellery range featuring our feathered friends now available on the high street. Cinderela B is the brainchild of Rachel Jackson, a London-based designer whose 22-carat gold-plated creations are flying off the online shelf at Warehouse. In addition to the hummingbird necklaces and earrings (this lariat necklace, pictured right, is £35), the collection also includes designs inspired by pineapples and bumble bees.



DUNGAREES FOR THE OVER 20s (and if we’re talking dress sizes, halve that)Scout

If you have a bust, forget them. It boils down to this: dungarees are for toddlers, stick insects and Scout Finch (right).


This may run against current fashion thinking but, I’m sorry, discovering that the nails I had painted in a dark bar actually resembled metallic bogey colour in broad daylight was a little upsetting. Chanel Le Vernis in Alchimie (£18; limited edition), I’m talking about you!


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4 responses to “Style-o-Meter: August 21

  1. I have tried but am unable to successfully do the eyeliner flick. 😦

    I keep reading in my American magazines that women over 40 (to which I am) should never line the bottom lashes because it will make us look tired and yet, these same magazine(s) who claim we shouldn’t do that show model after model with eyeliner under the bottom lashes. (I’m talking to you: More magazine!) I just don’t get it. So frustrating.

    • alisonkerr

      Maybe you haven’t found the right eyeliner? My personal favourite is the Guerlain one which is an old-fashioned brush in a bottle of inky liner. I have never lined under my eyes – I don’t recognise myself like that. It’s definitely true that it can age you: just look at Kate Middleton who seems to be a fan of that look. I do, however, like lining the inner rim – it can look quite sexy though having said that, I did it last week and when I saw the photos, it looked like I just had slits for eyes!

      • Well I tend to only use vegan makeup so that may be the problem.

        I used to be a fan of lining the inner bottom lid too. Like you, I saw a photo of myself and I looked tired and my eyes looked small. Sometimes I use the white eyeliner on the inner bottom lid which really opens up my eyes.

        Anyway, I may just have to give Guerlain a try.

        Love your blog. 🙂

  2. BTW, Sophia Lauren is one of my favorite actress. They don’t make actresses like her anymore.

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