Style on Film: Belle de Jour/Le Week-end

Belle de Jour - hat and shadesI watched a couple of movies set in Paris last week – and found style inspiration in both. Weirdly, the film which I fully expected to be like a flick through the pages of a 1967 edition of Vogue turned out to be a little drab in the style stakes, while the film which I hadn’t even considered as a potential source of style inspiration provided a handful of sartorial delights..

The 1967 film in question was Belle de Jour, starring Catherine Deneuve – whose 1960s look, I had already recently decided (when donning a tux and backcombed hair for an awards event), is going to be a reference point for me this winter. Her Belle de Jour wardrobe was created by her favourite designer in real-life, Yves Saint Laurent, and it Belle de Jour - Red suitwas the above photo of the ensemble she wears when first visiting the brothel where she is seeking a day shift that seduced me into watching the whole film.

Aside from a Chanel-esque scarlet wool skirt suit and a pretty, if unremarkable, black mini dress with white collar (admittedly, very “now”), however, the clothes were nothing to write home about. They certainly didn’t inspire me. I should have made-do with that photo as inspiration; I didn’t find any more in the film. Indeed, underneath that coat she is wearing a very dreary beige shirt dress.

Much more interesting – as well as quirky and insouciantly sexy – were the clothes sported by Lindsay Duncan in Le Week-end, which I saw in the cinema last week. Duncan may be more than twice the age Le Weekend - Black lace dressthat Deneuve was when she made Belle de Jour but to the modern eye, hers is the more youthful look. (Mind you, Deneuve was playing a buttoned-up kind of a character letting her hair down for the first time.)

I loved her boulevardier gear of slouchy herringbone coat, short skirt and ankle boots, and coveted the sexy little black lace dress she wears to the pretentious dinner party at which, to her own surprise, she beguiles several of the men. Oh, and I fancy a fedora having admired Duncan’s in the final scenes. Move over Ms Mirren; the Duncan dame looks like the new poster girl for les femmes d’un certain age …Le Weekend - fedora & raincoat



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4 responses to “Style on Film: Belle de Jour/Le Week-end

  1. DebrA

    Where can you purchase lyndsey Duncan’s clothing in le weekend. I loved the raincoats and the rest.

  2. Tree

    I have been searching endlessly for thst little black dress that she wears je t’adore
    I haven’t found I thought you may have told me . I found however a DVf dress today in black lace that was pretty divine

  3. Nancy Schenberg

    Any idea provenance of Lindsay Duncan’s perfect raincoat? I want it!!!

    • alisonkerr

      Sorry, no, but I bought a similar one about 15 years ago – in Paris! In Alain Manoukian. I was holidaying there during a very wet spell and was forced to go raincoat shopping..

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