Superheroes à la Guerlain

Guerlain Super Aqua-Creme Creme JourGuerlain’s Super Aqua-Serum is, without a doubt, one of my “Desert Island” beauty products; an exquisitely scented lotion which helps tackle dehydration and plumps up the skin. It’s one of those beauty items I treat my complexion to every now and then, whenever I feel a pick-me-up is required – and often after I’ve been dallying with some new cream or other that my skin hasn’t warmed to. I’ve certainly had plenty of occasions to turn to it during my 18 years on the beauty beat: this sublime serum has been on the go for a quarter of a century. It is now regarded as a bona fide classic, and one which underwent an updating of its technology just two years ago.

This spring, my Desert Island dressing table is going to have to make room for another product from the newly relaunched Super-Aqua range: the Day Cream (£70) which I’ve now been using for a fortnight (along with my beloved serum). My skin isn’t so much dry as thirsty so it was in fact the Day Gel (£70) that I had hoped to try but since samples of those were scarce, I “made do” with the cream. And, oh, I’m glad I gave it a go… Why? Because it is gorgeous – luxurious but easily absorbed, cocooning but not heavy, and it makes the skin – well, MY skin – feel unbelievably smooth and look even-toned. So much so that I have actually left the house without foundation. More than once. And when I do put foundation on over it, it looks fab. Super-aqua-duper, in fact…


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