True Grace

Nicole - hair 1There are lots of areas in which Grace of Monaco, the new biopic of Grace Kelly/Princess Grace, fails spectacularly and although it reeks of style – as befits a film about the rich and famous in the glamorous 1960s – it doesn’t really have much of Grace Kelly’s distinctive style about it. Nicole Kidman’s princely (don’t think there is a female equivalent) wardrobe is certainly a pleasure to look at, but it’s not a patch on the original, and – it seems – only one or two of the original ensembles are actually recreated.

What they did do rather a nice job on, however, was Princess Grace’s hair (see pic of Kidman as Kelly, above). In the 1960s, the style icon who had been known primarily for her pearls and accessories in during her movie star days, made her repertoire of formal – and increasingly outlandish – up-dos (created by the hair couturier Alexandre de Paris) her trademark. Here are three of the most memorable.  Grace - Hair 1


Grace - hair 2


Grace - hair 3

 * Grace of Monaco is in cinemas now (if you’re not careful!)


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4 responses to “True Grace

  1. beachgal

    I always hated Grace’s hair when she wore it pulled back and plopped on one of those massive hair pieces! Her falls were OK back then in my book. I liked her look in the early and mid 50s when it was a lot more natural. I think back on the 60s hair -the piles of curls looked to me contrived and silly. I think I only had mine done up with that look once in that decade. I preferred a more natural look even going to very formal things. Today, we seem to look at a lot of the 60s style and cherish it – it sure was a dichotomy of attitudes that existed in that decade of hair and fashion — Oh and the last photo with Grace and Cary was taken at the LA Music Center at the big ‘deal’ affair for Frank Sinatra’s farewell concert performance – he was to retire after that. That was held in 1971 – Her dress that night was gorg – hated the hair – she looked like a lost generation as we really had moved beyond that look by then in high fashion.

  2. I have to agree with @Beachgal, I didn’t care for Grace’s look during the 60s/70s. I much prefer her look from the 1950s.

    I recently re-watched Rear Window (for the umpteenth time) and I never grow tired of watching Grace or looking at her wardrobe. The dress she wears in the first scene — LOVE IT! I wish Edith Head was still alive. I’d love to see how she dressed today’s actresses. I miss the glamour of those days. As a woman I work with who is near retirement says, “It was a time when men were men and women were women.”

    Speaking of bygone fashion eras, I recently purchased these two vintage dresses from the 70s.
    (please excuse the typo in the title).

    • alisonkerr

      Yes, I much prefer Grace’s 1950s clothes – especially, like you, the Rear Window wardrobe – but was forcing myself to deal with the post-Hollywood period covered by the film. She kind of lost her way a bit style-wise but seemed to make the big updo’s a sort of signature in the way that her pearls and white gloves were in the earlier years.

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