Summer Nails

Chanel le Vernis x 2 (3)There’s something for everyone in Chanel’s new quintet of summer nail colours – whether you fancy full-on orange nails or subtle pastel lilac talons. Or both at the same time!

The French beauty house is encouraging Chanel Le Vernis fans to embrace the trend of mixing,  matching and even mis-matching colours for strikingly different looks and effects.

The “Accent Nail” Manicure involves applying  a different colour on the index finger from the other fingers of the hand. Try pairing Eastern Light (a shimmering white) on the index finger nail and any of the other colours on the other fingers, or Pink Tonic on one nail, plus Mirabella on the other nails. OrChanel Le Vernis x 2 Sweet Lilac on its own, and Tutti Frutti on the other nails.

Chanel suggests three twists on the traditional French manicure. The first variation on the “New French Manicure” involves applying Eastern Light to the entire nail and tracing a colour border on the tip of the nail. Or, you can apply colour to the entire nail and trace a white border on the tip with Eastern Light, for a demi-French manicure. Finally, for a reverse French manicure, apply colour to the whole nail and trace a white line on the bottom of the nail.

There are so many possibilities, in fact, that I reckon toe nails will need to be co-opted into the experiments …

* Chanel Le Vernis (£18 each). For stockists, call 020-7493 3836.

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