Va-Va Volume

Big hair - older Deneuve b & wFor the second autumn-winter in a row, I feel drawn to the look of the mighty and magnifique Catherine Deneuve – at least as far as my hair’s concerned. (Deneuve plus the big-hairedmodel in the Elnett ads!) This grande dame of French cinema has sported some fantastic hair-do’s over the decades but her distinctive style – voluminous blonde hair, worn off her face whether it’s pinned up or hanging loose – has remained constant and has just been subtly tweaked  over the decades to reflect fashions, and to flatter her as she has grown older.

Creating volume can be a challenge – I’ve found it more difficult since I ditched the blonde highlights and opted for the gentler blonde tint. My hair is Ojon Volume Advance moussehealthier and shinier – but, unfortunately, the flip side is that it’s also floppier. And that’s where my latest favourite hair styling product comes in. Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Mousse (£23; is – for me – the stand-out in the recently launched collection of volumising products from the American haircare company. And I have actually found that it’s more effective when I haven’t used the shampoo (£18.50) and conditioner (£20.50) from the same range; a range which its creators describe – rather appealingly, for those of us with naturally limp locks – as being “like a mega-phone for the hair”.

However, different hair might benefit from a different combination of products from Ojon’s Volume Advance range which also includes a Thickening Spray (£20.50). And in case you need any further French inspiration, here is a selection of shots of la belle Deneuve from different stages in her life. Big hair - Deneuve Belle de Jour

Big hair - Deneuve 1960s

Big hair - Deneuve updo

Big hair - Deneuve recent

Big hair - Deneuve recent, laughing


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2 responses to “Va-Va Volume

  1. I have natural curly hair (think American Model/Actress: Andie MacDowell from the 1980s/90s and early 200s before she embraced straightening her hair) and for years hated my “big hair”. I had always longed for my own *signature style*. It wasn’t until in 2011 when I cut off all of my hair into a pixie (post-divorce blues) and received feedback that I had “lost my signature look” did I realize I had a style all along.

    Who knew?

    Anyway, I have since grown out that pixie and am back to my big Andie MacDowell hair. 🙂

    • alisonkerr

      Glad to hear it – Andie’s 1980s/90s hair was gorgeous, as I’m sure yours is. I too have had pretty much the same basic hair style – a sort of raised quiff off my face since my school days (er, 25 years ago!) but it’s been long, short and bobbed. Keep thinking I should perhaps try a fringe (anti-ageing and all that) but ….

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