21st Century Complexion Perfection

Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial SoapThink cleansing your complexion is the part of your skincare regime least likely to need updating? Think again. This year, it’s been all about deep cleaning the skin and if your pores aren’t sparkling, then you’ve not been doing it right. During the summer, Clinique launched its Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush (£79); now comes the cleanser specifically created to be used with it.

How so? Because Clinique Foaming Sonic Facial Soap (£16) was developed to cushion the skin while the thousands of gentle sonic vibrations of the brush remove oil, dead cells and impurities. So not only does it clean the skin but – thanks to ingredients like sucrose and caffeine which are known to be calming and soothing, and glycerin which helps prevent drying – it also keeps it feeling comfortable during and after its cleanse. Of course, the brush and facial soap should be used on make-up free skin for best results.

I’m currently using the Clinique double act of brush and facial soap at night; by day, I’ve become hooked on a classic Japanese product: DHC Face Wash Powder (£9.50), a soft powder which, once combined with water, transforms into a soapy lather. It contains a gentle exfoliator as well as soothing lavender and leaves the skin looking sparklingly radiant and feeling soft and smooth.


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