Spiralling Nail Problems

Josephine - Spiral 1There’s so much to love about Spiral, the gritty and utterly compelling French crime series. There’s the sexy cops, Paris, the sexy lawyers, the apartments, the sexy suspects – oh, and Josephine Karlsson’s hair. The red hair of the fiercely ambitious, morally questionable Maitre Karlsson (Audrey Fleurot) has been a talking point since series 1, and has undoubtedly inspired a rise in sales of red hair tints. In series 5, currently showing of a Saturday evening on BBC4 here in the UK, Josephine’s carrot-coloured locks have darkened – and seem to be darkening by the episode, which is undoubtedly symbolic …

What has struck me more in this series than Josephine’s subtly changing hair shade is the fact that she is never seen without blood red talons. I don’t remember noticing this in previous seasons of the programme, when she was more ruthless. I wonder if it’s a style statement about the character who defies the conventions (not least the rule about redheads not wearing red) in all areas of her life, or if the actress has the same problem as I (and a couple of friends)
have been having over the last year with dodgy nails which only look respectable when painted?No7 Strength and Grow Treatment

Which brings me to the latest way I’ve been tackling my nail problem: the new No7 Nail Care and Treatments range from Boots. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the results from using No7 Cuticle Oil (£8) and No7 Nail Strength & Grow Treatment (£8),  a twice-weekly treatment that you rub into the nails then rinse off before applying No7 Ridge Filling Base (£8). The last product in the quartet is No7 Cleanse & Prime (£8) which is a leave-on primer which conditions the nails and is designed to be used before the base coat. It removes any remaining trace of your previous polish – ideal if you’ve going from Josephine-style red to a more innocent-looking shade……

* Available from Boots stores nationwide and from www.boots.com


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3 responses to “Spiralling Nail Problems

  1. Is this show available via Netflix Streaming? I live in Boston.

  2. alisonkerr

    Sorry, I have no idea! I know that the previous series is currently available on Netflix here in Britain, and there are box sets available to buy of all the earlier series. I highly recommend it!

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