The Sweet Smell of Valentine’s Success

Marilyn with hearts

It’s that time of year again, when beauty halls are invaded by well-meaning males of the species congratulating themselves on coming up with the idea of buying their Valentine a bottle of fragrance as a token of their romantic feelings. It’s also that time of year when women receive beautiful bottles of fragrance that they can’t stand, and become quietly disgruntled because they might have to wear the damned perfume just to humour their Valentine. Men, here are my tips on how to avoid such a scenario arising:

1. Don’t buy a fragrance on the spur of the moment – unless your Valentine is with you.

2.  Do your homework. It’s easy: just check her dressing table and note whichever perfume bottle has the least in it. That’s one that she has liked enough to use till it’s almost run out – and she clearly needs a refill. Note the name and buy that one. She will thank you more for something she loves and will use than for something that might end up languishing on her dressing table!

3. Buy the perfume in a department store or fragrance boutique – this will ensure that it is wrapped prettily and shows extra care and attention.

4. Don’t listen to any sales assistant who tries to sell an alternative if they have run out of the perfume you were planning to buy. Go elsewhere.

5. If you haven’t a clue which fragrance she prefers, don’t bother buying one. There’s too much chance of the purchase misfiring. There are probably as many other lovely ways to treat your Valentine as there are shades of grey …


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