An Aveda Kind of Sanctuary

A New Kind of Love - massageI was going to use a photo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to illustrate this piece but thought it might put readers off .. so you’ve got Joanne Woodward in the dated-but-divine looking fashion-themed film A New Kind of Love instead. But why was it Quasimodo with his misshapen face and hunched back that you nearly saw? Well, because I was feeling wretched a couple of weeks ago – a pain in my shoulder and some sort of skin irritation on my face which made my complexion flaky and red.

I may not have had Quasimodo’s problems but I felt miserable. Thank goodness I didn’t cancel my facial and massage at the Aveda spa in James Dun’s House in Glasgow. Instead, I sought Hunchback-style “sanctooooary” there! And, boy, did my therapist Lindsay sort me out. She tailored the facial and body Aveda Enbrightenment rangemassage so that she could tackle the areas that were particularly bothering me. Fusing the Elemental Nature massage with aspects of the deeply relaxing Stress Fix massage, Lindsay worked out the knots in my shoulders and back and made me feel more human than hunchback again.

Given my unusually irritated skin, I was rather nervous about the Elemental Nature facial part of the 90-minute process, and almost skipped it. Afterwards, however, I was relieved that I hadn’t – and that I had placed my dodgy skin in Lindsay’s safe, Aveda-administering hands. She prescribed the Intensive Massage Masque (£42) from the “enbrightenment” range and, I kid you not, it corrected whatever it was that had been causing problems with my skin. Admittedly, before she started, it wasn’t looking as bad as it had the day before, but after the treatment, all signs of irritation had vanished – so I believe it accelerated my skin’s recovery. Put it this way, I now have one at home and it has become a key part of my weekly skincare routine …

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