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Style-o-Meter: June 26, 2013



As the jazz festival season swings into action, we have to hope that some of our scruffier jazz musicians find inspiration in such stylish jazz greats of the past as Anita_O'Day_1958_Newport_Jazz_2Chet Baker (who gave good T-shirt), Lester Young (whose pork pie-hatted silhouette is as recognisable as his plaintive-sounding tenor sax), Gerry Mulligan (poster boy for Ray Bans) and, of course, Anita O’Day, whose appearance in a black shift dress and hat, both trimmed with white ostrich feathers, in the legendary documentary Jazz on a Summer’s Day guaranteed her position as a jazz style icon (and, I like to think, inspired Holly Golightly’s Sing-Sing ensemble in Breakfast at Tiffany’s…).


This is proving to be a great year for cleansers – and this one (which costs £21.50 for 200ml and seems to last forever), from the Japanese skincare company DHC, is one of the best; a real find. It’s an olive-oil based cleansing oil which is lovely to use, even if you normally find that wash-off cleansers leave your skin feeling dry. Indeed, olive oil is the key ingredient across the DHC skincare range which was developed 30 years ago and is free from parabens as well as “unnecessary” fragrances and colourings. Check out their website – www.dhcuk.co.uk – to browse and order these very reasonable products.


Chanel’s latest eyeshadow innovation is a crayon/pen (£23) which is perfect for those (uh, those) summer nights. Not just because it comes in six exquisite and super-shimmering shades (including the gorgeous aqua Jade Shore and the vibrant cobalt Blue Bay – which are perfect matches for their latest nail colours), but also  because it is a delight to use – cooling, refreshing and it blends and lasts really well. Part of the L’ete Papillon de Chanel summer collection of butterfly-inspired colours; a particularly covetable collection even by Chanel standards .. Watch this space!



What is it with eyebrows this year? There seems to have been a major outbreak of black slugs masquerading as face furniture.. Stop it, please! I say this as someone who had to keep a straight face when she encountered a young woman in the supermarket who seemed to have stuck two Mr Potato Head moustaches above her eyes in the quest to adhere to this ridiculous “trend”. And men are also guiltyCello shots of serious crimes against eyebrows – step forward the Welsh Dracula lookalike on The Apprentice. Terrifying.


£24.50 for a shot of colour to the cheeks? Frankly my dear, Scarlett O’Hara produced a similar effect simply by pinching her cheeks, although I guess she didn’t have any control over the exact shade she produced. These cute little tubes of gel blush are very attractive and no doubt a little goes a long way, but must-haves they ain’t – and don’t believe any glossy mag that tells you otherwise…

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Style on Film: Jazz On a Summer’s Day

Jazz on a Summer’s Day is not only one of the great jazz documentaries; it’s also a fascinating snapshot of late 1950s fashions – as worn by the most stylish and tasteful people of the time: jazz fans and musicians! Pictured left is singer Anita O’Day, a vision of uptown chic (and surely the style inspiration for Audrey Hepburn’s Sing Sing outfit in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? – watch the YouTube clip below and decide for yourself ..)

The film was first shown in Britain in June 1960, and I’m celebrating it over on my jazz blog, www.jazzmatters.wordpress.com

What’s so appealing about this movie to non-jazz devotees are the lingering shots of some of the audience:  hipsters with crew cuts and Ray Bans, “cats” in pork-pie hats, and girls wearing pony-tails and pedal-pushers.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who loves this movie’s sense of style to discover that it was filmed by a fashion photographer, Bert Stern – who went on to take the last photos of Marilyn Monroe.


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