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Super Sonic Skincare

Lab SonicNewsflash! Well, actually you might not care to know it but my face is currently cleaner and smoother than it has been for most of the last 41 years… And here’s why – and this is the newsworthy bit – it’s all down to L(A)B Sonic – Sonic Cleansing System, which is the latest sonic system to hit the market and, at £65 (currently with a third off at Boots) considerably more affordable than its competitors.

The system includes four interchangeable heads – a cleansing brush head, a dermabrasion brush head, a hydration applicator (for ensuring that moisturiser goes as deep as possible) and a “wrinkle eraser”. It was designed by sibling scientists Charlotte, Lauren and Sophie Rigby, whose research, during their studies at Oxford University, into skincare and skin biology was supported by the Prince’s Trust Charity.

What their research highlighted was how sensitive and unique each person’s skin is; that a cream that can help calm eczema for one person can prove to be an irritant for someone else. The other thing that became apparent from the sisters’ research was how personal each person’s skincare was to them, and how many people would like to benefit from the latest technology but are reluctant to deviate from their favourite products.

So the sisters created the L(A)B Sonic – Sonic Cleansing System which can slot into customers’ normal skincare regime, and improve its efficacity in the process. The sonic frequency of the handset generates 300 movements per second, working gently with the skin’s own structure to prevent abrasion and irritation. Skin is eight times more thoroughly cleansed than if the cleanser is applied manually, and moisturisers and serums can penetrate more deeply.

One for the Santa list, perhaps?

* Visit www.boots.com to take advantage of the special introductory offer of a third off the RRP of £65.

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