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Confessions of a Beauty Writer

Miriam Hopkins at dressing tableI always try the products I write about – but, although I love experimenting with new textures, formulations, scents and colours, it’s probably fair to say that only a handful of new skincare and make-up additions get absorbed into my personal beauty stash each year.

I’ll try each new liquid eyeliner that comes out, on the offchance that it out-performs Guerlain Eye-Liner (£24.50), the one that’s been my favourite since Clarins did away with the previous holder of the title. But if, after a couple of weeks or so I find that I’m still more inclined to go with the Guerlain, then it’s out with the new, and stock up on the old.

Recently, it’s been my collection of haircare that’s been swelling – to include Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep (£19.50; www.aveda.co.uk),  a fantastic conditioning and styling spraywhich is great on long, easily tangled and fine hair like mine, and the nourishing, shine-boosting Ojon Rare Blend Oil (£29; www.ojon.co.uk), which I have been using on and off since the summer.

My stash of body creams and oils is not likely to ever be without Clarins Toning Body Balm (£29; www.clarins.co.uk), which I love as much for its geranium scent as for its gorgeous feel, and the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil (£29), which I was recently advised – during a super-relaxing Clarins Energizing Back, Neck & Scalp Massage (£34) to try using on my spot-prone, but permanently dehydrated, back.  That’s part of the plan of campaign to tackle the problem skin there; the other is to treat it with regular sessions.

And of course, my morning routine has undergone a bit of an overhaul since I sampled a Clinique Full Service consultation (one of the variations on the As You Like It service that Clinique customers can enjoy after indicating – through coloured wristbands – whether they have time for a full consultation or an express one).

Val, at Frasers in Glasgow (one of five Clinique counters nationwide where the As You Like It wrist bands are available*), thoroughly analysed my skin and my concerns and sorted me out with skincare and foundation which looked and felt fabulous. Although I have tried Clinique Redness Solutions Make-up SPF 15 (£23; www.clinique.co.uk), I had not tried it over a complete programme of Clinique Redness Solutions skincare, plus  Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector (£39.50), and the results were not just impressive; they were dazzling. I was transformed.

* The service is available at Selfridges, Oxford Street; House of Fraser, Meadowhall; Frasers, Glasgow; Debenhams Leeds and Fenwick Newcastle.

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