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My Week in Beauty


I’m afraid I didn’t get to any of the gala nights at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival – too busy living it up with Annie Ross and organising my exhibition – but I wasn’t going to miss out on the “Gene Kelly Ceilidh” being held alongside a screening of the lovely, underrated musical Brigadoon. I didn’t manage to find a Cyd Charisse-style dress to wear for the dance but my lips were certainly worthy of a close-up, since they were modelling the latest lip colour innovation from Yves Saint Laurent – YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres (£22.50; www.yslbeauty.co.uk).

It may look like a little bottle of nail varnish but this is actually one of the best lip stains I’ve come across. It is the gloss for those of us who hate glosses as it has the longevity of a stain and the comfort factor of a lipstick – but the shine of a gloss. And what’s more it comes in a fantastic array of colours. I’m particularly smitten with the misleadingly named Corail Aquatique (no7); Rouge Gouache (no11) and Corail Fauve (no12).


And, speaking of YSL.. I was feeling and looking a little tired and run-down on Tuesday – so decided to give the new gel blushers from their spring collection a whirl. YSL Voile de Blush  (£28) turns out to be one of the few items from the candy-coloured spring range that suits me and is to my taste. I’m afraid I’m not into tangerine and bubble gum pink nails or bon-bon shades of eyeshadow. But I was rather taken with the effects of the jelly blusher – natural, radiant, fresh and moisturising-feeling.


I can’t believe there still over two months to go before the launch of the new Chanel Hydra Beauty range which will replace most of the existing Hydramax products (my beloved Hydramax + Serum survives, alongside the new Hydra Beauty equivalent), to which I’ve been addicted for the last few years. Hydramax has proved to be the best and most comprehensive antidote to dehydrated skin that I’ve found, so I was a bit trepidatious, to say the least, about the news of the advent of Hydra Beauty. If it ain’t broke etc …

However, Hydra Beauty goes one better than Hydramax has a low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid to plump skin up. It also harnesses the hydrating powers of the camellia (Coco Chanel’s signature flower) and blue ginger which aren’t in the original Hydramax range.

I’ve been using the products since January, and so far my favourite is the Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme (£50; from May 18) which makes the complexion look and feel fab, and is a fantastic base for foundation…


I’ve not been able to tear myself away from the raspberry-tastic April shade of Chanel’s spring nail varnishes (I’m not much interested in the May or June shades) – but it now has not one, but three rivals for my affections – in the form of the new Dior Vernis Extreme Wear Nail Lacquers (£17.50) which go on sale on April 1 along with the new Dior Addict Extreme collection of lipsticks. Of the four new nail colours, I dying to try Incognito (a putty shade) and Lucky (a vibrant pinky-coral) on my fingernails. I’m not as taken with the bright pink Plaza, but my toes are currently sporting Riviera (right, though the picture doesn’t do it justice – it’s brighter), my new favourite coral. Summer, it seems, has come early …

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