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Style-o-Meter: August 21



Loren eyes

This season there is no excuse for not being able to master the art of the flicked eye line – whether you want a heavy, sixties cat’s eye a la Loren (Sophia, pictured right) or a fine 1950s or 1940s style tapered flick. Lovers of liquid liner – experienced or not – will get a kick out of the new Tom Ford Beauty Eye Defining Pen (£42; available from September 2) which has a thick brush at one end and a slender pen at the other, thus offering a myriad of liner possibilities. And if kohl’s more your thing, check out the wonderful new Guerlain The Eye Pencil (£18) in Black Jack which has a kohl effect but is soft and creamy and waterproof – ideal if you’re prone to tears ..


Chanel SuperstitionThe stand-out item in Chanel’s new Superstition make-up collection for autumn 2013 is the limited edition Le Volume de Chanel mascara in Khaki-Bronze (£24). This may not sound like the most appealing of mascara shades but it is actually rather beautiful and works wonders with all eye colours, especially if teamed with the Les 4 Ombres palette (£38) in Mystere, though the impact dwindles as the eyeshadow colours don’t have the staying power of the mascara.

Cinderela B long necklace

Not only have Dower & Hall broadened out their fabulous “Feather” collection for this autumn /winter but there’s also a very readily affordable new jewellery range featuring our feathered friends now available on the high street. Cinderela B is the brainchild of Rachel Jackson, a London-based designer whose 22-carat gold-plated creations are flying off the online shelf at Warehouse. In addition to the hummingbird necklaces and earrings (this lariat necklace, pictured right, is £35), the collection also includes designs inspired by pineapples and bumble bees.



DUNGAREES FOR THE OVER 20s (and if we’re talking dress sizes, halve that)Scout

If you have a bust, forget them. It boils down to this: dungarees are for toddlers, stick insects and Scout Finch (right).


This may run against current fashion thinking but, I’m sorry, discovering that the nails I had painted in a dark bar actually resembled metallic bogey colour in broad daylight was a little upsetting. Chanel Le Vernis in Alchimie (£18; limited edition), I’m talking about you!


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