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Style on Film: Fading Gigolo

Fading Gigolo - SS 1This was the outfit Sharon Stone was wearing in the scene in John Turturro’s new movie Fading Gigolo that made me sit up and pay attention to the clothes.. It’s the ensemble she’s wearing for her first encounter with Fioravante (Turturro), the florist who diversifies into prostitution at the behest of his pal, played by Woody Allen. Dr Parker (Stone) is his first client. A very satisfied customer, she enthuses about him over lunch with her friend – all the while looking as if she got the memo of channelling (in a weirdly appropriate way) Belle de Jour-era Catherine Deneuve’s look, at least hair-wise. Fading Gigolo - SS in lunch gearI don’t remember seeing the next outfit in the film but the pic was taken during filming of Fading Gigolo, and could well be Dr Parker in dressed-down mode.
Fading Gigolo - SS in leather biker jacketThis chic cream coat is reminiscent of the iconic one worn by Kim  Novak in Vertigo.

Fading Gigolo - SS in cream coat

Sharon Stone’s bare legs are featured throughout Fading Gigolo – as if to highlight that they don’t appear to have aged since they first stole the show in Basic Instinct, back in 1992.
Fading Gigolo- SS fur coat 3* Fading Gigolo opens in UK cinemas on Friday, May 23

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