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Taking on The Hands of Time

Aveda Hand ReliefSerums have become a staple of our skincare regimes in recent times – and now, thanks to the latest body care launch from Aveda, they could be poised to be part of our bedtime routine ..

Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum (£25) is an extra weapon in the war against the signs of ageing – and nowhere is it more difficult to mask one’s true age than on the hands. Ask Madonna or Sarah Jessica Parker, both of whom have hands that have long been more of a clue to their age than their faces are.

Aveda created this serum to take advantage of the fact that during the night when we are asleep, our skin both loses and absorbs moisture faster and more effectively. The serum gets to work during these optimum “rest” hours, to help deliver intense hydration by morning. It harnesses the power of nature’s botanical remedies – notably such hero ingredients as molasses and liquorice extract blend, which visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots, and gradually even out skin tone – to help plump, tone and refine the hands in a more effective way that a hand cream, used alone, could manage.

And if you need further convincing, here are some facts at our (young-looking) fingers: 83% of women showed a significant improvement in dark spots after four weeks’ use, and 82% of women showed a reduction in visible fine lines after four weeks’ use.

For stockists, call 0870 034 2380, or visit www.aveda.co.uk


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