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Headscarf Girls

The changeable weather can play havoc with a girl’s hair so it’s just as well headscarves are making a comeback. Starting with the lovely Sophia Loren, here’s a selection of poster girls for the humble headscarf. Hilda Ogden fans need not apply!

Yes, I know that the Queen likes to wear a silk scarves over the royal coiffeur but I’m afraid the only royal who makes my selection is the movie star-turned-princess, Grace Kelly.

Another great style icon of the 20th Century, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, was also a chic wearer of headscarves …

And as for her cousin, “Little” Edie Beale – who has become a style icon as a result of her simply unforgettable appearance in the cult documentary Grey Gardens – well, when she couldn’t find one of her silk scarves, she just fashioned a headscarf out of an old sweater.

One star above all others had a penchant for headscarves: Audrey Hepburn. Indeed, she liked them so much, she got married wearing one!

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