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It Might As Well Be Spring

No7 Mini Eye PaletteYes, it feels as if spring is still a long way off – but that’s all the more reason for treating yourself to some spring make-up goodies, especially ones which don’t tug too hard on the pursestrings. No7’s spring collection fits the bill perfectly.

I am totally hooked on its Mini Eye Palette (£11), which comprises the eight No7 Gel=Look Shine Nail Colour in Coral Crushmost popular shades of No7 eyeshadow, all neutrals, some matte and some shimmery, that can be used wet or dry depending on how dramatic or subtle you want your eye make-up to be.

And if you need something brighter than neutrals to pep your winter days up, the new No7 Gel Look Shine in Coral Crush (£7) is the shade to choose from the two spring colours (Sweet Lilac is the alternative) – especially if, like me, Coral is your favourite choice for summer nails.

Available now from Boots stores and www.boots.com

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