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My Week in Beauty


Lunch with my friend Margaret, a beautician and make-up artist with her own salon outside Glasgow, gave me an idea for my mum who had been complaining about being stuck in a make-up rut. Margaret, like my mum, has green eyes  and fair skin, and when I met her her eyes looked fantastic lined with purple pencil.

So, armed with Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eye Pencil in Black Plum (pictured left; £15; http://www.esteelauder.co.uk) and By Terry’s Silky Eye Shadow (£22; Space NK stores)  in the lovely new lilac shade Milky Marshmallow, I experimented on Mum – and we were both delighted with the results, especially once we added a coral lipstick.  Green and beige eyeshadow shades are henceforth (or at least temporarily!) banished to beauty Siberia…


Givenchy seems to be having a moment just now – at least it had a moment chez moi on Tuesday when I received the latest summer colours (report to follow), and finally got around to trying its latest fragrance, Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy (eau de toilette from£39).

It’s a bit heavy and headily floral for my personal taste – but I can imagine it will appeal to first-time perfume wearers, the demoiselles who want something that the opposite sex can’t fail to notice…  It made me think about first perfumes and how I must experiment soon with a return to my own first fragrance – or at least the first one that I wore more than once.  I do love the new Givenchy bottle – an important factor in our first fragrance choices …


I’ve been writing a series of articles about beauty basics and, as happens with these things, different make-up artists have different ways of doing things.  While some advocate using a special eye base to keep eye make-up in place and make it last, others – including Bobbi Brown – prefer to use a flesh-coloured shade of shadow as a base.

The gorgeous new limited edition Guerlain Ombre Eclat 4 Shades in Ombre Perlees (£36; available June 5) is ideal for this, if you’re fair-skinned. I started wearing it on Wednesday and expect to continue on a daily basis through the summer. The colours are natural, fresh and very flattering, and they last brilliantly – especially if you use the pale pink as a base.

Teamed with coral or pink lips, this is the ideal palette for daywear.


And speaking of coral, a sandal-buying spree on Thursday prompted me to dig out a nail varnish I was sent a while back.

Revlon Nail Enamel in One Perfect Coral (£6.29) is a great shade for this summer – and even just one coat gives the right amount of bright, orangey-coral colour.

It’s a flat matte shade bordering on red, so it won’t take the place of my favourite-ever toenail shade, RMK’s Nail Color in Cherry, a sort of shimmering watermelon shade, which I’ve not been able to track down for some time – and for which I’ve not been able to find an exact match in an other range.


The first seriously hot day of the year had me reaching for the Factor 50. I’ve tried various sun blocks and high SPF sunscreens under my make-up but Chanel UV Essentiel SPF50 (£34) is my favourite by far.

It’s milky in consistency and evens out the skin tone as it goes on (not that that’s one of its claims) – and I love the way my foundation goes on on top of it. Some treatment primers leave the skin shiny, even once the foundation has gone on, but this one doesn’t – and I have been known to use it even when there’s no call for a high SPF.

What’s more, its dinky, unisex bottle is perfect for stashing in the handbag, shirt pocket – or wherever. And it contains just the right amount for one sunny summer, though if there’s any left over there’s no rush to use it: unlike some sun creams, which require to be used within six or 12 months of opening, this has an 18 month deadline…

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