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The Creme de la Creme of Relaxation

Aveda Stress Fix imageI doubt a body cream can cure stress but Aveda’s lovely Stress-Fix range certainly does contribute to a feeling of relaxation, and the roll-on oil (Stress-Fix Concentrate) helped calm my nerves during a frenetically busy period, professionally and personally, not long after it was first launched a couple of years ago. Stress-Fix Body Creme (£36) is the latest addition to the collection and looks set to become a staple of the at-home spa regime, to be used after a bath laced with Stress-Fix Soaking Salts.. Like them, it has a predominantly lavender scent. The creme has a rich, but easily absorbed, texture and feels very nourishing. Aveda has devised a couple of rituals to be carried out using the body creme, in order to benefit fully from it.

Body Creme Ritual for Hand and Arm: Apply the body creme to the hand and forearm with long gliding strokes. Massage the palm using circular motions, including the heel of the hand, the centre of the palm and the base of each finger. Extend the arm and position the hand palm down. Starting at the outer wrist and moving toward the elbow, massage the oustide of the forearm using gentle, kneading motions. Turn the forearm over and position the hand palm up. Starting at the inner wrist and moving toward the elbow, massage the inside of the forearm using gentle, kneading motions. Repeat on the other hand and arm.

Body Creme Ritual for the Body: After showering, massage Stress-Fix Body Creme into the hands and hold them under your nose while taking a deep breath. Massage tense areas such as the neck, shoulders and forearms using the Ayurvedic technique of circular motions at the joints and back-and-forth ones between them. Apply to the abdomen with circular clockwise motions.

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