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The Jazz Age – in Colour!

BenefitCoreColor1stPhaseYou can stick your BBs and your CCs (and no, I’m not talking cup sizes – but for that matter .. ). I’m just not falling for these new wonder skincare/make-up hybrids (well, not yet!). What’s particularly excited me in the last couple of months or so, beautywise, is a new colour range which has GG invisibly stamped all over it: Great Gatsby.

Much of the excitement about the eagerly antipated release of Baz Luhrmann’s take on the classic F Scott Fitzgerald novel of the “Jazz Age” has been about the costumes – and in particular the Prada designed party scenes. From what I’ve seen of the clothes, the look is not slavishly authentic 1920s style but an interpretation of it. Which makes me think that the fabulous new,  make-up range that I’ve fallen in love with – the look of which was inspired by the Deco era of Gatsby – is possibly more inkeeping with the original movie version of The Great Gatsby rather than this new one.

Whatever. Color  … by Benefit is a gorgeous-looking make-up collection with packaging inspired by the Art Deco design of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franscisco, the beauty brand’s hometown.

As a Deco nut, I love the pretty boxes and jars that house the eyeshadows (very reminiscent of Paul & Joe make-up packaging designs) – but what’s really thrilled me in the last couple of months is just how effective and striking this make-up is. The range comprises cream eyeshadows, powder eyeshadows and lip glosses – with lipsticks to follow in September.

I have not gone a day without the Creaseless Cream Shadow (£15.50; in Birthday Suit since I first tried it. (I especially like to mix it with my Clinique Chubby Stick in Fuller Fudge. ) A beautiful, shell shade, it is the perfect base if you like a little bit of shimmery shine – and it works a treat whether you blend a different colour of cream shadow with it, or whether you mix it with some powder. Crucially, it lasts unbelievably well – something that is, in my experience, extremely rare and worth shouting about..

I’m still working my way through the collection – and no wonder: there are ten shades of Creaseless Cream Shadow (three of which were existing shades that have long been bestsellers for Benefit) and 12 shades of Longwear Powder Shadow (£15.50) which come in satin, matte or sheen finishes.

Lip gloss and I don’t get along so I’ll not give a verdict on the six shades of Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (£14.50), but I reckon they make lovely gifts for gloss-aholics of my acquaintance.

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